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Weathering the workweek

November 9, 2006

If you think you work a lot, you haven't met Jim Magee.

Between various jobs Magee performs during the workweek, he sometimes logs as many as 100 hours.

Despite the amount of time he spends on the job, he doesn't feel like he works too much, and Magee still manages to find time for his family and for a little relaxation.

Jim Magee

Jim Magee

Magee is an animal control officer and a reserve police officer for Lansing, and he's captain of the volunteer Kickapoo Township Fire Department and a part-time firefighter for the Leavenworth Fire Department.

He also mows lawns, details cars and is a weather spotter in Leavenworth County.

"I do a little bit of everything here for the city," he said.

Of all his jobs, Magee finds the peacefulness of weather spotting to be one of the most enjoyable.

"To me it's relaxing. It may not seem that way to other people," Magee said. "Mainly, it's just out there watching the skies ...

"I look forward to that every year."

Though he's approaching 10 years as a weather spotter, Magee hasn't had any mishaps - but the weather can get nasty.

"I've been out during almost every major event we had in Leavenworth for the past four or five years," Magee said.

"Of course, everything has usually gone to the north of us or to the south of us. We've been very, very fortunate -we've had some close calls over the past two years."

Magee does manage to slip away a few times each year to go fishing in Oklahoma or visit friends in Idaho, but mostly he enjoys staying caught up.

When you work 100 hours a week, catching up on lost hours requires some serious overtime.

"If I lose on one day, then I'll have to make it up another day," Magee said. "If I get behind, then I'll have to double up my duties on some other day and get things taken care of.

"I still get vacations in there every once in a while."

Name: Jim Magee

Occupation: Animal control officer, firefighter

Graduate of: Pleasant Ridge High School in Easton, Kansas City Kansas Community College

Family: Ann, wife; Abbie, 4, daughter

How long have you lived in Lansing and what brought you here? Came to Lansing after accepting the animal control officer position with the city. "I'm working on about nine and a half years."

What do you like most about Lansing? "The people. It's just a different atmosphere of people here."

What do you do for fun? "I fish and hunt."

What would surprise people about you? "Probably how much you work. I put a lot of hours in. I work two to three shifts at the fire department."

What's the best advice you've ever received? "What it boils down to is, 'You treat people how you want to be treated.' And that's on both sides of the fence."


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