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Letter: No to crematory

November 15, 2006

To the Editor:

As a concerned citizen of the city of Basehor I am writing to alert the town of the new crematorium that is to be built within our city limits. After attending both of the planning commission meetings I saw the proposed zoning change at 1600 N. 155th St. denied by the commission just to be overridden by the city council on Aug. 21.

This is not a commercial area. In fact the property on all four sides of 1600 N. 155th St. is zoned R-0 residential. It was difficult to hear people stand up at the meeting and tell everyone that this is a commercial corridor. In fact, this is just one of the items the planning commission took into account when they denied the zoning change.

How unfair to our community to have a wholesale crematorium be allowed to operate in the heart of our residential neighborhood. Only once or twice during the city council meeting was the word "crematorium" used by members of the city council or partners and parents of the group planning to build and operate this facility. For these people to present to the neighbors and council members that they are operating a funeral home that will only have an average of three to four services monthly is absurd. It does not take a genius to do the math here. The funeral home business is only a coverup for the wholesale crematorium.

I urge each and every citizen in Basehor to do their homework on this. No one has addressed the issues of whether or not this wholesale crematorium is for human bodies only or if they will also be incinerating human waste (body parts from area hospitals and clinics) and animals. Is this facility a member of the Crematory Association of North America? How many bodies are they planning on cremating daily, monthly, yearly? Won't this be pleasant to drive by each day, let alone live next door to?

It simply does not matter how much money is spent on the architectural design of this structure to fit into our neighborhood; a wholesale crematorium does not belong in a residential neighborhood but in an industrial zoned area away from our homes, schools and daycares. I have never seen homes with smokestacks or large grinders placed in their drains to dispose of body parts, blood and embalming chemicals. I do not believe these items are no more harmful than household chemicals.

How are our homes, sewers and underground water going to be protected when the drains and sewer system backs up at the crematory? If this information is available to the general public, then why hasn't it been brought to the forefront? What else are they hiding from us?

Sheree Elliott


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