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Letter: Just the facts

November 30, 2006

To the Editor:

My name is Jason Gorup. My family and I own the company building the funeral home and crematory in Basehor. I think it's important for readers to know the truth about everything. I am grateful for the support and attentive to the complaints.

I listened at the city council meeting while a few people accused me and my family of killing children, poisoning the environment, and many other disturbing things. I tolerated some "concerned citizens" of Basehor calling me at work at Children's Mercy Hospital to let me know how they felt. I have dedicated my life to caring for people. I studied in a seminary and consider my career a ministry. I never thought that I would be called a murderer or child killer by these "concerned citizens."

There was petition signed by a few people that was full of lies and misquotes supposedly made by me. All of my comments were made at a planning commission meeting or a council meeting and everything was on the public record. A decision was made by our city council because we told the truth. If you don't believe me get a copy of the "Citizens Position Statement" and compare my comments on the record to the lies in that statement. People should really watch what they sign.

Here's the truth:

I was "trained" by the Crematory Association of North America and I plan to be a member. CANA is not a regulatory body and membership is optional. CANA is geared more toward sales and business relations in the funeral industry. The State of Kansas and the EPA regulate crematories and they do a fine job. In fact, the EPA regional office is in Kansas City.

I am not going to grind up body parts and put them down the drain. I don't know of any funeral homes that do that.

Hospitals cremate their own remains and waste.

I would never cremate an animal in my crematory; it's illegal and immoral.

I have never used the words wholesale and crematory together, that term is disgusting. I have never considered it, let alone said it. These are people's loved one's I am caring for and I will not degrade what I do by becoming a "wholesale" anything.

There will be no smoke, no smell and no huge stack. There are crematories all over the metropolitan area, in residential neighborhoods, and nobody can tell. Funeral homes do not belong in industrial areas and neither do crematories.

There is no need to protect the sewers and soil; funeral homes do not pollute them. Call cities with funeral homes in them and ask or call the EPA. If we are worried about this, we should be worried about sewers altogether because they would be leaking all of the time.

My family and I are not hiding anything; there is nothing to hide. I have listed the Web sites and phone numbers below for you to do your own research. As for the amount of funerals and cremations we will be performing, I have no idea. That seems like a question for a higher power. I can tell you that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) says that for every thousand people there is an average of nine (9) deaths per year. I guess that's the math that we all need to do. I won't flatter myself by assuming that all of them are going to come to my funeral home. I care for people's loved ones. I love to help people get through the toughest part of life, it's what I do. I have compassion for everyone and that goes for those who disagree with what we are doing. I would never do anything that would harm people, especially children. My wife is a pediatric nurse, so is my mother-in-law. If you are going to accuse me of things, please know the facts; know me and know my family.

My wife and I are citizens of Basehor and we love it here. I am a funeral director and a businessman, but most of all I am someone who wants to share in the community, raise my children here and help as much as I can.

If you want to look up the facts please do.





I wish all of those interested individuals the very best and I hope that you find the satisfaction that you seek.

Jason Gorup


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