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Road project faces Dec. 31 deadline

November 30, 2006

In another month, the fate of a Kansas Turnpike interchange in Leavenworth County should be clear.

But now, the interchange's future remains murky, at best.

The sticking point is funding for improvements to County Road 1 -- between Tonganoxie and Kansas Highway 32. Upgrading that road is a requirement for the interchange to be constructed.

But finding the money for that road project has been difficult.

At last count, not enough money had been committed. And Tonganoxie residents have petitioned to vote on whether the city spends any money on the road. That petition is tied up in the courts right now.

Currently, engineers with HNTB are preparing new cost estimates. Earlier estimates placed the road improvement costs at $13 million to $14 million.

The county has committed $8 million; the Kansas Turnpike Authority has committed $2 million (in addition to the cost of constructing the interchange); and the federal government has committed $1 million. And the city of Tonganoxie recently kicked around the idea of contributing $1 million, but has not taken any action.

That totals $12 million -- short of the earlier cost estimates.

But Dean Oroke, county commission chairman, believes those earlier estimates were high.

"I think when they get through, we're going to be pretty close to where we need to be," Oroke said.

Fellow commissioner Clyde Graeber remains concerned. And he believes Tonganoxie should be looking at more than $1 million.

"If any area is going to benefit from this initially, it's the city of Tonganoxie," Graeber said. "It's coming right into their community."

The next few weeks should determine whether the road project will move forward.

That's due, in large part, to an end-of-the-year deadline the turnpike authority has set.

"They're stating that we've got to give them a definite answer by the end of the year, that their board is looking at how those funds that they've committed can be used for other projects," Graeber said. ''... They've been very good to us. They've committed $2 million to help build the road, besides the interchange itself."

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