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Letter: The saga continues

October 12, 2006

To the Editor:

Some of you may remember my previous letter to the editor regarding the city of Basehor's attempts to take approximately 4,000 square feet of my property for the sum of $1.

There have been some changes and I would like to inform you about those changes. First, the amount of property has somehow gone from over 4,000 square feet, to 2,087 square feet and I have been offered the sum of $241.19 for that. To my knowledge, no appraisal has been done. I was not aware that the Basehor city administrator is a licensed real estate appraiser but the sum I have been offered is based upon a value of $5,000 per acre, and that amount was apparently a determination made by the city administrator. In a letter I received from the administrator he actually stated that that amount was not based upon market value, so I guess it is just an arbitrary sum. North of my property is an unimproved 40-acre tract of land offered at $17,000 per acre. That is not arbitrary, it is a fact!

I have also been offered $50 each, for four "Lilac" bushes which will have to be removed. But there is a problem here. The so-called "lilacs", are actually very mature Forsythia bushes and I have several other shrubs as well. It seems like very little effort has been expended researching this. I certainly was not contacted about the shrubs.

The city administrator has threatened that the city will condemn my property and take it. That's funny: my property is not damaged, North 147th Street is damaged! So this is how important the rights of citizens of this city are to city management personnel. I have always believed that it is the citizens that make up a city, not the businesses. Kind of makes you wonder how the businesses could survive without citizens to purchase the goods or services. How could a city even be one, without citizens?

So the saga continues. Please stay tuned for updates and perhaps you will be able to see this saga unfold on "Call for Action" in the near future. It is certainly going to unfold in a court of law. I know that this may sound too bizarre to be true. Sadly, it is all quite true.

Sign me: beleaguered and threatened but not about to give up without a fight,

Dennis Nichols


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