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Autumn in the Grove enjoys fantastic first run

October 19, 2006

"Autumn in the Grove" was fantastic.

It was a perfect autumn day, and everyone had a wonderful time Saturday. If you were not able to come, you really missed a good time.

Jason Crum and the Parks and Recreation Department did a fantastic job with the trails and areas where the various vendors were able to set up shop. Also, Lorraine Gluch and Sunshine Petrone and their helpers had it beautifully organized. The city employees were extremely helpful getting heavy items in and out with their four-wheelers.

Everyone was "oohing and aahing" about the beauty of the trees and the wonderful layout of the park. The path is in a large circle that takes you by Nine-Mile Creek. It is a wonderful nature trail and will be a great place for hikes and picnics.

We got there at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning to set up our booth, and it was 35 degrees and frosty. But soon, the sun came out and the grove came to life with vendors and visitors. All of the vendors were pleased with the crowd of people that came and purchased their wares.

We were pleased when our 5-year-old great-granddaughter ran up and showed us the cornhusk doll that she had made. And it was neat to have lots of children watch my son, my grandson and me as we painted a "three-generation" picture.

I had a chance to visit with Cathy Carnahan Nichols, who came back for this occasion from South Carolina. She set up a wonderful display about the Carnahan family and Nine-Mile School that stood just south of Kelly Grove on the hill beyond the creek.

Her father, Bill, and I graduated from Lansing High School in 1946. Kelly was her grandmother's maiden name, and thanks to Cathy and her family, we are all able to enjoy this beautiful park.

This was a "first" of what I believe will be many years of "Autumn in the Grove."


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