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BLMS students’ poetry published

October 19, 2006

Two middle school students' poems were recently selected to be published in the 2006 edition of the "Young American Poetry Digest." Cari Keck and JoAnna Verbenec's poems about the seasons and reflections were among approximately 750 poems included in the digest.

The National Schools Project, whose mission is to share our youth's talents with others, supply a national audience for student writing and provide a publishing opportunity for young poets, publishes the digest.

The poems are selected for publication based on creativity, age-appropriate language, sensory/figurative images, structure and poetic techniques. Schools across the nation are invited to participate in the project.

Here are the students' poems.

Month to Month

JoAnna Verbenec Age: 13

January first is all horses birthday

February ends with warmness, hurray!

March is for our spring break

April is time to fool

everyone with a cake

May brings the wonder of spring

June is for Father's Day ring

July we celebrate the 4th of July

August is when Cari's

birthday will apply

September starts the season of fall

October, my dogs birthday,

we'll have a ball

November the snow will come down

December brings Santa to town

We are all the Same

Cari Keck Age: 12

Beauty or ugliness

Handsome or hideous

We are all the same

Whether we're black or white

American or Mexican

We all go through the same feelings

If it is anger, love or sadness

Even if they're not

about the same things

We all have wants and needs

If it's wanting that

new gleaming red bike

Or needing that one

parent to believe in you

We are all the same

Beauty or ugliness

Handsome or hideous

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