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Letter: The next page

October 25, 2006

To the Editor:

You have read my previous letters. I realized that you need more information. So here, as Paul Harvey says, is "the rest of the story." I am going to try to make it entertaining, although it is certainly not funny to me.

A long time ago in the city of Basehor was a good Mayor named Anna Mary.

She made a promise that she would have all the roads in the city limits repaired or chipped and sealed, as needed. The good mayor kept her promise and the citizens in the three homes on the south end of N. 147th Street rejoiced and enjoyed their new road.

Then along came an uninformed city council, (as most are), and because they did not have a crystal ball and could not see that a racetrack would be built which would hugely impact Basehor, that council decided that the city needed 'growth'.

So that council allowed a business to come into Basehor. A business that operates very large, very heavy trucks which destroyed in short order, the road that Anna Mary built. This business was supposed to be of great benefit to the city but the fact is that because of that business it is going to cost the citizens three to four hundred thousand dollars in tax money, to repair what was once a perfectly good road.

It is going to cost me and the other property owners on the west side of the south end of N. 147th Street more, because the present city council, instead of having the integrity to acknowledge the wrong that has been done, instead trying to take property in the form of a right of way from the previously mentioned citizens. Oh wait, the city did offer a dollar for the right of way. They also threatened to condemn the property.

I have asked for and cannot get an answer to some simple questions. How much revenue does that business bring in for the city? How many citizens are employed by that business? Finally, how many years of collecting revenue from that business will it take to repay the amount that it is goint to take to repair the road? The silence is deafening.

You know, I do not enjoy this at all, but this stinks all over. I tried to get the city to the table by making an unreasonable request, it didn't work. When I made a reasonable offer, they turned it down.

This council, instead of admitting that a mistake was made by a previous one, is trying to disguise that by calling this an "improvement project." The fact is that it is a project to make repairs to something that was destroyed, period. And not by m.

We all know city councils don't make mistakes, right? I need your help. I am getting weary of this battle. You can call me to express your support, my number is in the book. Or call city hall.

Dennis Nichols


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