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4-H/FFA auction results listed

September 7, 2006

The 4-H/FFA livestock shows and sale held during the county fair often serve as the pinnacle to a memberÂ's experience. It is then the youth get to showcase their hard work under the trained eye of a judge. Blue and red ribbon quality animals are then eligible for the premium sale. Businesses and individuals who wish to support the individual youth and their efforts participate in the annual youth livestock sale. Winning bids are paid to the member to help alleviate project expenses. All sale animals must then go to slaughter.

"It can be a sad time for the kid," said Beth Hecht, 4-H youth development agent. "However, itÂ's all part of the purpose of the program. The kid is focused on raising a champion animal. We are focused on raising champion kids."

The 4-H and FFA youth livestock projects teach young people how to feed, fit and show their animals. The more important purpose is to provide an opportunity for personal growth and development of the young person.

The following is 2006 4-H/FFA Livestock Sale results. The seller is followed by the amount of donation given to the youth in addition to the animalÂ's floor price, followed by the buyer(s).


Brandon Hubbard, $875, Little JoeÂ's Asphalt, Petro Deli, RC Buehler Realestate Investor and I.T. & T. Inc.; Nicole Allen, $375, First State Bank & Trust- Tonganoxie; Levi Koch, $300, Goetz Construction; Tina Allen, $175, Coleman Equipment; Rachel Martinez, $175, Reece & Nichols Premier Realty-Leavenworth; Sarah Scott, $175, Reece & Nichols Premier Realty; Cassidy Co-Oper, $550, Neighbors Construction; Hannah Mayse, $225, First State Bank & Trust-Tonganoxie; Cody Koch, $225, Bank of McLouth and Murrfield Farms Supply; Rachel Lamborn, $400, McGraw Fertilizer Service


Matthew Spezia, $250, Valley Feed & Supply; Keith Edmonds, $275, First National Bank-Leavenworth; Jennifer Gray, $275, Adsore Seed


Taylor Kraft, $675, Little JoeÂ's Asphalt, Tractor Supply Company, Petro Deli, RC Buehler Realestate Investor; Mikey Owens, $375, Kaaz- Lexeco Construction; Elizabeth Patrick, $400, Rick Smoots Dump Truck Service, RoweÂ's Mobile Repair; Matthew Wagner, $525, Richard Parker; Justin Patrick, $500, Community National Bank; Ena Fevurly, $400, Leavenworth County CO-OP; Keeley Redford, $450, Coleman Equipment; Tyler Lohman, $450, Citizens National Bank; Blaine McDougal, $725, Brandt Trucking, Brandt Fabricating;

Kara Ritchey, $575, Bill Beaver; Tyler Lunsford, $400, Mutual Savings Assoc.; Gina Greenwood, $575, Jarbalo Junction Body Shop, McGraw Fertilizer Service; Cody Heim, $400, Heartland Dental Group; Denton Lunsford, $350, Coldwell Banker/Reilly & Sons; Kelsey Herken, $375, First National Bank- Easton; Michael Green, $400, First State Bank & Trust- Tonganoxie; Molly Whipple, $375, Shawnee Steel; Brady Lunsford, $325, Winchester Meat Processing; Meghan Kraft, $550, Cushing Hospital; Emily Knapp, $450, Murrfield Farms Supply;

Allie Johnson, $400, Anchor Trucking; Maggie Schwartz, $525, First State Bank & Trust, Kaaz-Lexeco Construction; David Campbell, $475, Dr. Jerry Theis; Lane Gray, $475.00, Shawnee Steel; Hannah Dickey, $475, Clearwater Pools & Spas; Audrey Knapp, $450.00, AF Van Fleet Excavating; Clinton Kissinger, $625, Coleman Equipment; Rachel Berry, $400, Community National Bank; Brad Heim, $325, Kaaz-Lexeco Construction; Alyssa Casperson, $350, Coldwell Banker/Reilly & Sons; Seth Gray, $325, First State Bank & Trust- Tonganoxie; Miles Brown, $400, J. Herbster Inc.; Shelby Ogden, $500, Monument Resources, Country View Kennels; Alyssa Cole, $400, Citizens National Bank; Paige Dickey, $500, Leavenworth County CO-OP; Jennifer Whipple, $350, April Valley Farms Show Pigs;

Katelyn Hutchens, $400, Kaaz-Lexeco Construction; Kayla Lansing, $525, Geiger Ready Mix; John Edmonds, $425, Commerce Bank; Shawn Ridihalgh, $400, B&J Country Mart; Tyler Thompson, $350, Bichelmeyer Meats; Cheyenna Owens, $325, Santa Fe Depot Diner; Faith Schmalstieg, $300, Bank of McLouth, Murrfield Farms Supply; Shanna Cole, $325, Leavenworth County Farm Bureau; Bart Heim, $375, Demaranvile & Kramer, CPAÂ's L.L.C.; Cody Byrns, $275, Reece & Nichols Premier Realty LV; Alyson Heim, $400, First State Bank & Trust, Kaaz-Lexeco Construction; Jamie Johnson, $450, TW Ellis Construction Co. Inc.;

Christopher Kirk, $375, Lovendahl Farms; Kevin Lansing, $550, Geiger Ready Mix; Jacob Franssen, $325, Mutual Savings Assoc.; Jacob Allen, $450, Cushing Hospital; Taylor Redford, $425, Sheriff Dave Zoellner; Luke Gray, $350, Petro Deli; Savannah Ewert, $425, Monument Resources; Melinda Berry, $400, Community National Bank; Derek OÂ'Brien, $400, Lynch Real Estate; April Lingenfelser, $400, Geiger Ready Mix;

Morgan Heim, $425, Geiger Ready Mix; Sarajo Mance, $400, Mance Excavating; Kyle Lansing, $400, Geiger Ready Mix; Michelle Chrisman, $375, Shawnee Steel; Megan Mance, $700, April Valley Farms; Brandon Heim, $450, Holland Feed & Farm Supply; Caleb Todd, $475, Commerce Bank; Haley Eastburn, $350, Meinhardt Farm Equipment; Austin Lunsford, $350, Demaranvile & Kramer, CPAÂ's L.L.C.; Hannah Brown, $475, Citizens Savings & Loan; Taylor Johnson, $425, J. Herbster Inc.; Victoria Thompson, $350, Kraft Garage Doors


Jennifer Miller, $1900, Lynch Real Estate, Himpel Homes and Gallagher Construction; Jody Baragary, $1800, B& J Amaco, Jarbalo Junction Body Shop, R LAZY K Feeders, Jack Willis Construction and Premier Concrete; Addie Heim, $1500, New Haven Angus; Jeff Johnson, $1200, Balls Price Chopper; Amy Theis, $1100, First State Bank & Trust; John Ernzen, $1100, Quick Fuel; Mike Beying, $1200, Mary Knapp- Realtor and Triple K Gelbvieh;

Ethan Johnson, $800, Citizens National Bank; Katie Campbell, $1050, Little JoeÂ's Asphalt, Petro Deli and RC Buehler Realestate Investor; Naomi Parsons, $700, Bichelmeyer Meats; Kelly Yunghans, $750, Commerce Bank; Logan Mance, $1150, Mance Excavating; Brett Johnson, $1200, Anchor Trucking; Taylor Ohlde, $700, Demaranvile & Kramer, CPAÂ's L.L.C.; Cody Theis, $950, Oasis Pools; Cole Buffo, $800, Ethanex Energy; Alex Kissinger, $750, Community National Bank; Ira Parsons, $650, TW Ellis Construction Co. Inc.;

Bailey Redmond, $1000, Farm Bureau Financial Services, VaughtÂ's Silver Maple, Remax All American and Perry Milling; Ally Theis, $1000, Perry Milling and Crop 1 Farm Bureau Insurance Jeff. Co.; Justin Lozenski, $1350, Commerce Bank; Ashten Langley, $1000, Demaranvile & Kramer, CPAÂ's L.L.C.; Richard Ridihalgh, $650, Citizens Savings & Loan; Galen Parsons, $700, Murrfield Farms Supply and Rick Smoots Dump Truck Service; Mary Kate Theis, $1000, Leavenworth County CO-OP; Jake Schmalstieg, $800, Evans Real Estate;

Lindsey Ewert, $1000, L&D Phillips Quality Homes and L&L Custom Home Builders; Amber Degraeve, $2100, Mackey Dairy Cattle Co., AF Van Fleet Excavating and Premier Concrete; Brian Lee, $700, Johnson Farms; Megan Lawrence, $1200, Holland Feed & Farm Supply; Hillary Wagner, $900, Robert Stephen Wagner, CPA Chartered; Austin Baragary, $950, Community National Bank; Joe Johnson, $1100, TW Ellis Construction Co. Inc.; Kenneth Campbell, $700, Rusty Eck Ford; Katie Yunghans, $600, Clearwater Pools & Spas; Jake Johnson, $650, Anchor Trucking; Tyler Casperson, $500, Great Western Mfg.;

Dane Gonser, $400, First State Bank & Trust; Scott Berg, $550, Ethanex Energy; Austin Schoepflin, $650, Grizzly Fence; Heath Moore, $1100, Al Ramirez; Leah Parsons, $650, Community National Bank; Samantha Gibson, $500, Enthanex Energy; Austin Harkrader, $750, Moore Auction Service SHEEP- Brooke Theno, $1300, Little JoeÂ's Asphalt, Tractor Supply Company, Petro Deli, RC Buehler Realestate Investor, K.C. Bobcat; Ashley Thurston, $400, Howard Theno & Son, Builders; Hilary Saathoff, $500, Evans Real Estate; Shilyn Guthrie, $350, Anchor Trucking; Brittney Thurston, $500, Citizens Savings & Loan;

Jason Miles, $500, Farm Bureau Financial Services; Lane Hecht, $500, Gallagher Construction; Jacob Ostermeyer, $450, Diamond Electric; Morgan Richardson, $250, Reece & Nichols Premier Realty Tonganoxie; Lindsey Gonser, $250, Reece & Nichols Premier Realty LV; Jennifer Ciszewski, $500, DeSoto Feed & Grain; Emily Caenen, $500, Real Estate Auctions; Madison Richardson, $500, First State Bank & Trust; Aimee Ostermeyer, $300, Mutual Savings Assoc.; Nicole Theno, $750, Community National Bank; Lauren Hoge, $700, DeSoto Feed & Grain; Malorie Redford, $500, Tonganoxie Mirror/ Sunflower Broadband; Hannah Pray, $550, Evans Real Estate.

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