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We just can’t wait’

Drama Club looks forward to new auditorium

September 7, 2006

Dramatic change is afoot at Lansing High School.

LHS Drama Club members are making preparations for the day when the high school has an auditorium of its own.

The club used its first meeting of the school year late last month to clear out its storage shed, which had housed a cache of stage materials. When the construction commences on the new auditorium, the storage area will be a shed no more.

Lansing High School drama club students move props out of the club's storage shed last month. The shed is being relocated to make a parking lot once construction commences on the new high school auditorium.

Lansing High School drama club students move props out of the club's storage shed last month. The shed is being relocated to make a parking lot once construction commences on the new high school auditorium.

"The district wants to make a parking lot here, so we're moving our stuff up to the intermediate school," said Carla Scovill, LHS Drama Club sponsor.

While it waits for the construction of its new space, the club will use the auditorium at Lansing Intermediate School to house its stage equipment and rehearsals. Scovill took the move as an opportunity to discard all but the necessary materials.

"We don't want to take up any more space in Mrs. Jorgensen's building than we have to," Scovill said. "They have been very generous in letting us use their building."

For the Drama Club, however, the move marks the beginning of an exciting transition. The next move will be into the newly constructed auditorium.

"We just can't wait," Scovill said. "I don't think anyone in the community understands what a big difference it's going to make.

"The kids here don't even know what it's like to have an auditorium."

But sophomore Aaron Keeling, a club thespian, can imagine the difference.

"This is great and everything, but it's not the best," said Keeling of the interim space.

And like Scovill, Keeling said he looked forward to additional opportunities outside of drama - the possibility of film classes proved an exciting prospect.

But some ideas address necessity more than opportunity, Scovill said.

"I've suggested that we need to start to have classes so that we can get the work done that is going to be required for the bigger space," she said.

Drama productions in the larger space will require an organized theater-tech class, Scovill said. And though she lauds the work that is currently done, she said it tends toward the improvised.

"In the days I started it was, 'Hey, all you senior boys bring your power tools,'" she said.

Despite the numerous ideas and necessities, the school administration has yet to begin organizing new classes to utilize the space.

But Steve Dike, LHS principal, said there were many elements to such a huge expansion, some of which span the entire community.

"We're going to have to find a way to manage that so we can meet the needs of the community, of the school, of our programs," Dike said. "And that's going to be tricky."

Dike is committed to ensuring the community has ready access to the facility, but he said the various procedures have yet to be created.

"It's a community facility and we want to make sure the community has an opportunity to use it," he said, explaining that it may take a while to get all the kinks out of the system. "There are times that it will be painful and I hope everyone can just be patient."

Dike said the rewards would be worth the challenge.

"This will be a great opportunity for the community to see the showcase we put on with our kids," he said, adding, "I know there'll be some growing pains."

And for the Drama Club, moving out of the old shed is just one of those pains. Scovill said that while the new auditorium was being built, the program would generally follow the traditions it has established.

But the thespians will continue to look forward. The day they raise the curtain on their new space is on the horizon. Keeling hopes he'll be on stage for the first performance.

"Doing the first show there - that'll really be something," he said.


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