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A history about leaks

September 20, 2006

Here are today's headlines from the 2006 election race:

Attorney General

(KC Star) Political espionage story has familiar ring: The leaked Aug. 8 strategy memo out of Phill Kline's campaign gave us a rare glimpse into the candidate's mindset. "Feed me Slimfast," he says in a line getting kicked around a lot last week in Kansas. No doubt we can guess what the Republican attorney general was thinking last week: Who ratted me out? Well, in the category of what goes around comes around, we offer a Kansas history lesson.

Other election news

(Kansas Public Radio) Kansas farmers and consumers alike will have a lot at stake next year when Congress sits down to write a new farm bill. One of the big questions on the table will be whether to put caps on the amount of government help any one farmer can get, or on the size of farming operations that get federal subsidies.

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