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District’s enrollment increases 3 percent

About 65 more enrolled this year

September 21, 2006

The number of students attending Basehor-Linwood schools this year is up about 3 percent from last year.

Wednesday, Sept. 20, was the official state of Kansas enrollment head count day.

Including the Virtual School, the Basehor-Linwood district head count was 2,283.5 Wednesday, which is up 64.5 from last year.

Don Swartz, executive director of business and facilities, said funding will not be based off the official head count, but what is called Full Time Equivalency (FTE). This counts students based on the number of hours they attend school each day. For example, kindergartners are only counted as a half because they only go to school half of the day.

"They are a full person, but they are only counted as half for FTE," Swartz said. "If we had 100 kindergarteners, we could only count 50."

The FTE count right now is 2,126.5, but Swartz said this number will be weighted. The district will get additional funding for students in different categories such as English Language Learners, special education and free and reduced lunch. Each category has a specific weighting factor. The number of students in each category is multiplied by that category's weighting factor. That number is then multiplied by the number of hours the students in the category actually attend school, then divided by six, the number of hours in a full school day to get the FTE number. Swartz said the district must calculate these additional categories and add the total to the original FTE number by Oct. 10.

Other factors that could affect the FTE number are Virtual School students and seniors who are on work study, take college classes or attend vocational technical school for part of the day.

The district counts the time log of Virtual School students from Sept. 20 and an additional time log from a day before or a day after Sept. 20 -- before Oct. 4. Seniors must also log the number of hours they attend work or classes outside of school.

"If they do not get logged in correctly, they will not be counted as a full-time student," Swartz said.

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