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Letter: Our shame

April 11, 2007

To the Editor

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been reading about the resignation of Coach Tami Holthus. I find it disturbing that a handful of parents' bad behavior forced the resignation of a good coach. It appears that these few find fault with so many of our coaches' abilities and qualifications that I ask how is it possible that anyone, much less the school board, can give credit to their complaints?

This district has a zero tolerance for bullying by the children attending our schools, but obviously not for the parents. Whether this handful of parents agreed or disagreed with this coach's methods is not the issue here but the way she was treated. Who deserves to be heckled, harassed and threatened by anyone? Because she didn't coach the way they wanted her to makes it OK for them to behave like adult bullies?

I have heard it said more than once from coaches and teachers over the last few years coming into the district that they were advised not to take the job because of the difficult parents at Basehor-Linwood. How wrong is it that a small group of ill-behaved parents speaks for the majority of us who are happy to let the coaches coach and the teachers teach? There are proper channels to follow should one have a concern or problem, none of which includes the improper treatment that Coach Holthus was subjected to.

Shame on the administration for not asking the hecklers to leave as it is an example of poor sportsmanship and a behavior that should not be held up as an example to our children. And shame on all of us parents who turn a blind eye while setting in the stands and do not make the effort for it to be known that we do not agree, appreciate or are willing to tolerate such rude, offensive behavior.

Shame on the handful of parents whose behavior is an embarrassment to our community and does not reflect the feelings and views of the majority. I'm sure you are aware that there is alternative education that might be a better fit for what you want for your children. Oh and one more thing: when was the last time you appreciated or welcomed someone telling you how to do your job in such a rude, belligerent, offensive manner?

Coach Holtus, thank you for the job you did. Thank you for coaching our girls to the first winning season they have had in five years. I'm sorry that you were the victim of a small group of unhappy, short-sighted parents. Be assured that if the community had been aware of all that was going on, you would have had a large group of supporters. Best to you and your family.

Monica Verbenec


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