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Letter: Speak Up! They Do!

April 18, 2007

To the Editor:

Forget all the "stuff" that is flying around about the former Coach and the reasons for her resignation. Bottom Line -- she left, the second girls coach to do so in three years.

Fact: The class of 2008 will have had three different coaches in both volleyball and basketball by the end of their high school career.

Fact: The same group of girls will take the court in 2007-2008 that did in 2006-2007, regardless of the coach.

Fact: Winning teams play as a team.

Fact: Due to accusations of favoritism, the 2007-2008 Lady Bobcats team will struggle to unite as a "team!"

Fact: There is nothing that can be done to change this for the 2007-2008 Lady Bobcats.

Question: What will you do to ensure that this does not continue to happen?

Question: Will you stand up for the future Lady Bobcats?

If yes, then speak out against bullies in our community. I say it is way past time to enforce a "No Bully" rule against parents too.

Speak up! They do.

Michelle Sanders


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