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Lansing Auto Repair’s closing brings end to an era

April 19, 2007

Time changes everything. We have seen many businesses come and go over the years, but right now I am thinking of one in particular that means a lot to me and our family. The Lansing Auto Repair is gone, much to our dismay about who is going to keep us in "wheels."

Our son David had always been interested in fixing things, especially cars and motors. He graduated from Lansing High in 1969, and at that time I had read about a vocational-technical school in Atchison that had a course in auto mechanics.

I learned that a student would get help from the school district to attend these schools but he needed to go through the district office. I discussed this with Superintendent Frank Graham, and even though he had not heard about this, he thought it was a good idea and gave his blessing.

To my knowledge, David was among the first from our school district to take advantage of this. Many have followed.

The main purpose of a vocational-technical school is to train students in trades that they can work at or start a business in their own community. David did just that. His first job as a mechanic was with Collard Chevrolet in Leavenworth. After four years he started the Lansing Auto Repair at 508 North Main St., and has been busy ever since.

He has had some of the same customers since he began as a mechanic.

His wife, Wanda, was his "right-hand lady," and I always thought she knew as much about cars as he did. In fact, he called her "the Boss."

We always enjoyed having David drive when we took short trips, and Wanda would be the one to pick up on a noise here or an ominous sound there. They were a great team.

They had two great guys, Mike and Bob, working for them.

They went through good times as well as bad times, made lots of good friends, and after 33 years, the Lansing Auto Repair will be very much missed. Good luck Dave and Wanda. We love you.


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