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Tonganoxie woman wins $20K

Streak of lottery luck continues in Leavenworth County

April 19, 2007

Lottery luck has struck again in Leavenworth County - this time in Tonganoxie.

Norma Courtney is the latest in a string of lottery winners in the area.

On April 2, Courtney purchased 63 $2 Bonus Crossword instant scratch tickets at Casey's General Store, 220 West St. One of these tickets led to a $20,000 prize.

"I'll only play Bonus Crossword tickets," Courtney said in a Kansas Lottery news release. "If I go to a store to buy tickets and they don't have Crosswords, then I go to the next store. They are so much fun to play because they take time."

And, if you are lucky, they pay off.

Courtney, 52, plays Bonus Crossword Tickets at least every other day and she has had several wins, including a couple $2,000 prizes. This is her first $20,000 prize.

So how does it feel to be a big winner?

"Oh, God, shocked," she said. "It's weird. They give me a great big check and I look at it and I can't believe it. I am still shocked."

Courtney said she was so excited when she realized her ticket was a big winner that she couldn't sleep.

"I had to keep getting out of bed to check my ticket," Courtney said. "I was worried our dog would get a hold of it a chew it up. Plus, I had a hard time believing I'd really won."

Courtney said she doesn't plan to spend her prize money anytime soon.

"We will save it so we can have something to fall back on," she said.

She joins two Leavenworth residents, Paul Lawson and Brenda Burns, and Elizabeth Willis of Lansing as recent big winners. Both Lawson and Willis played versions of Crossword tickets and Burns won on a Wild 5's game.

Willis also won a $20,000 prize on a Bonus Crossword scratch ticket.

"I just love my Crosswords," Courtney said, noting she bought more tickets Monday night.

"I like the $2 tickets. I can take my time and I get my moneys worth scratching it off," she said.


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