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Council waives center fees

August 23, 2007, 12:00 a.m.

Updated: August 23, 2007, 11:13 a.m.

Lansing City Council members debated and finally approved, 7-1, a new policy that would waive all fees for the usage of the Lansing Community Center for civic organizations.

Andi Pawlowski, who eventually voted against the policy, began the discussion in the regular council meeting Thursday, Aug. 16, by voicing her opposition to the policy. She said she thought the policy was a "huge mistake" and worried that it would actually do the community a disservice.

She said the community center doesn't generate enough money to pay for itself with the fees now, and with the possibility of damage from organizations such as the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, she said that citizens may have to pay more in the future if the council doesn't get control of the costs now.

Currently, all Lansing-based groups using the community center must post a $75 deposit and pay a $25 set-up fee for use of the center. The mayor can waive the fee for use on a weekday.

Kenneth Ketchum responded to Pawlowski's concerns by saying he felt it was important to keep the fees low to benefit people who paid the taxes that built the building.

"Maybe we're not making money," he said. "And maybe we're losing some, but it's a community activity center and sometimes we bite the bullet and bear the brunt for the community."

Mayor Kenneth Bernard added that all of the organizations would still be responsible for following the rules in the community center. He said if any group damaged the room or had any other violations they would again have to pay the fees.

"If they damage it then they lose it," Ketchum said.

In other business Thursday, the council:

¢ Heard an update from Leavenworth County Counselor David Van Parys about the agreement the county wishes to enter into with Water District No. 1 of Johnson County. WaterOne is a utility firm that has plans to build a water treatment facility in Wyandotte County and store leftover sediment from water drawn from the Missouri River in a residual monofill in Leavenworth County.

Van Parys said the agreement would make WaterOne fully responsible for any environmental issues or cleanup that may arise in the future. He said he wanted the council to be aware of the agreement because the area in question falls inside the Lansing urban growth area.

¢ Approved, 8-0, an ordinance that would gradually increase Lansing residents' rates for wastewater service in the coming years. Under the ordinance, all customers would pay a $12 base charge, plus $2 per unit in 2007 and 2008, and then a 25-cent increase for each year until 2013.

¢ Approved, 7-0, Dee Hininger sustained, a resolution to authorize the issuance of temporary notes. The lowest bid came from Country Club Bank for 3.99 percent. A temporary notes is used to temporarily finance a project.

¢ Approved, 8-0, the 2007 Capital Improvement Program for Sewer Lines. The city has hired Reddi Services, a contractor from Bonner Springs, to clean and remove debris from sewer lines and video tape the process so any needed repairs can be spotted.

The work will start around Sept. 1 and residents will be notified when crews will be working in their neighborhood. The area affected will be from Ida St. north to Woodland and then from Highway 73 west to Bittersweet.


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