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Second-grader’s artwork wins honors, $500 for GRES library

December 6, 2007

A Glenwood Ridge Elementary School student's artwork has turned out to be worth $500.

When second-grader Shelby Yazel had the story, "Who is Your Favorite Monster, Mama?" by Barbara Haz read to her during library time at school, she imagined what the book cover might look like and drew a werewolf in the woods under the moonlight. That drawing along with those of her classmates were entered into the "Bag Your Favorite Book" contest as a part of Price Chopper's "Feeding the Reading Appetite" program.

A few weeks later, Yazel learned she had won $500 for her school library, as well as a party for her classroom.

"Over 1,000 entries were turned in, in the Kansas City metro area," Adam Rini, Price Chopper sales manager said Friday afternoon during an assembly with second-graders at GRES. "They were judged by Prairiebrooke Gallery, so real artists looked at these."

A winner was chosen from each grade level, kindergarten through sixth grade, and Yazel was named the overall second-grade winner.

During the assembly, the entire second grade learned of Yazel's accomplishments and a large check for $500 was presented to her and GRES librarian Janice Walker. Yazel also received a bag full of art supplies.

Yazel's parents, Debbie and Toby Yazel, along with some of her grandparents watched her receive her honor. Debbie Yazel said her daughter was an avid drawer and literally has drawers full of artwork at home.

"She's always very particular about her artwork," Debbie said. "So for this to happen, it's great for her."

"We're proud of her," Toby added.

Yazel's classmates will receive a party from Price Chopper as a result of her winning entry.

Other students also will have a chance for a classroom party through another facet of "Feeding the Reading Appetite" program called "Party for Pages" where students strive to meet reading goals for their specific grade level.

"When you reach your goal, we'll bring you a party," Rini told students. "We're real excited and proud of you guys for participating."

GRES principal Jan Hancock said Yazel would be permitted to pick out some of the books to be purchased with the prize money for the school library. A label will be placed in each of the books chosen to let future generations know that Yazel's winning book cover design helped bring those books to the library. She also will be recognized at the next all-school character assembly.

"It's a pretty special honor, and we want everybody in the school to know what you did," Hancock said to Yazel.


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