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KU is deserving of Orange Bowl berth

December 12, 2007

How many readers out there think that Missouri got a raw deal by the Orange Bowl committee in their selection of Kansas in the Orange Bowl Game?

This question probably depends on which side of the border you live on.

But whoever said life was fair as I have indicated in my columns several times. I can't feel too sorry for the Tigers because they had a golden opportunity to earn the spot in the championship game. All they had to do was defeat Oklahoma. It really wasn't much of a game with the Sooners who had their second decisive victory over Missouri.

Once the Bowl Championship Series committee picks the number one and two teams to play for the National Championship all other Bowls are up for grabs depending on who the respective bowl committees would like to play in a given game. After the BCS committee named LSU and Ohio State for the title game, its responsibility ended.

I think what hurt the Tigers was their showing against the Sooners. One thing that favored Kansas was their history of following their teams very well to bowl games.

I'm sure this is one thing they considered. Missouri fans shouldn't be displaying animosity against Kansas residents and their quarrel should be with the Orange Bowl committee or the Rose Bowl committee as the Tigers defeated Illinois during the season.

Kansas Athletic Director, Lew Perkins has been accused of making deals with the Orange Bowl committee, but Perkins was cleared by the Big XII executive office. Perkins did visit the Orange Bowl committee to negotiate and present his proposal for accepting Kansas as he did at Tempe, Ariz., with the Fiesta Bowl committee. Where was the Missouri Athletic Director, Mike Alden, during these negotiations?

Alden should have been in Miami proposing his case. Actually, I differed with the BCS committee in their selection of Ohio State over Oklahoma or the University of Southern California. I think the Sooners and Trojans would have been a better match up for LSU.

Missouri fans were also irate over the Heisman Trophy decision and believing Chase Daniel would have been a better selection. Daniel was invited to New York for the Heisman award along with three others where he finished fourth. I will agree, in my opinion the Heisman voters had their minds made up long before the Missouri / Okalahoma Big XII championship game. It's very difficult for a player out of the East or Southeast to get enough recognition to win the award.

Colt Brennan the Hawaii quarterback had very good credentials to be considered for the award but came in third. Remember back when most of the country thought Peyton Manning would win the Heisman but was edged out by defensive back Charles Woodson. To win the Heisman a player has to get a lot of hype. Again I would like to ask the Missouri fans to take it easy on Kansas fans and focus more on attacking the Orange Bowl committee.

Every year there is so much turmoil in regard to the BCS. Several years ago it was Kansas State fans crying wolf.

I know, you should never use the word never, but in my opinion college football officials will never come up with a format that will satisfy all division one schools.

I'm not so sure the old system before BCS regarding Bowl games was better. Back then there were around eigh bowlst that were all well attended. And now I understand there are around twenty nine Bowls. All these Bowls means to me more school time lost by the students.

I never thought I would be critical of the Kansas City Chiefs, but these last two or three games have put a lot of doubt in my mind. I wish I had a solution but one thing I do believe is that the new owner Clark Hunt should get more involved with day by day operations. I doubt firing Carl Peterson or Coach Herm Edwards would solve the problem, but when Hunt sees the attendance fall from 80,000 to 15,000 he will worry.

One thing about the season is that we'll get some higher draft picks, but will have to make the right selections.


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