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Bratkovic: Wrestling’s novice class

December 19, 2007

A freshman wrestler can fall into one of two categories on the mats- novice and experience- but all have time and potential.

Often, freshman wrestlers either look like the next big thing or a project worth waiting for.

No other sport do so many young athletes with little experience in the sport compete on varsity.

The amount of success a person has early in high school wrestling typically depends on the amount of time they have wrestled.

Kids' club make all the difference in wrestling. If you have a strong club career, then you are likely to succeed in high school.

Bonner Springs wrestler Caleb Seaton wrestled Saturday at the Lee Summit Invitational.

The Lee Summit tournament features top teams and coach Dan Burns just wanted wrestlers to be competitive.

He placed second in the tournament, which is better than any Bonner Springs wrestler has ever finished in the tournament.

Seaton led a young Braves' team in the tournament. He placed and finished better than any wrestler in program history.

Seaton is successful because of the years he has spent wrestling.

Other freshman are novices. They are there to gain experience and understand success might be limited this season.

Novices have to understand that practicing and not always winning during tournaments is the only way to improve.

They have to be willing to pay their dues.

Novice wrestlers will have their will tested on varsity. Some will want to quit. Others will want to turn and run, but something brings them back.

Those wrestlers that get back up and continue to wrestle will inevitably improve during the season and by continuing to wrestle.

In spite of getting a later start in their wrestling careers, they just have to be willing to work.

That is the beauty of wrestling, there is no substitute for work.


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