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Royals have improved with Dayton Moore leading team

December 19, 2007

The reform of the Royals all started when team owner David Glass, who has is under scrutiny by the local media, announced he had hired Dayton Moore to reconstruct the Royals.

Glass made a good move. Moore has already improved the team. The biggest plus for Moore is acquiring manager Trey Hillman from Japan. He once managed in the New York Yankees minor league system and was a talked-about candidate when George Steinbrenner fired Joe Torre last fall.

Being dependent on my radio, I have heard Hillman on two or three different press conferences and am impressed. I compare him to Whitey Herzog.

Hillman was a successful coach for six years in the Japanese Baseball League and once won the Japan World Series.

From what I have heard, he is impressed with some of the young Royals; Mark Teahen, Billy Butler, Alex Gordon, David Dejesus and Brian Bannister who came on strong on the mound last season. Before acquiring Hillman, Moore acquired the services of a top-rank Japanese relief pitcher recommended by Tillman.

If Glass leaves the baseball portion of the team to Moore, I think it will be beneficial to the Royals success. When Hillman was asked how Japanese baseball compared to American baseball he said, "The Americans hit the ball harder and further than the Japanese, but the Japanese are better prepared defensively." The Japanese practice throwing and pitching about six hours a day compared to about two hours for Americans. Hillman is attempting to bring in another top pitcher from his team in Japan to the Royals.

Many readers probably read where one of the latest acquisitions of a free agent by the Royals appeared on the Mitchell steroid list. His name was Jose Guillen, an outfielder. The Royals also picked up in free agency a utility infielder from the Arizona Diamondbacks who was best at second base.

After all the positive statements I have made about the Kansas City Chiefs, I am not going to kick them when they are 4-10.

If I had a solution to their problems I could probably have my executive suite at Arrowhead Stadium for the rest of my life.

I believe the Chiefs have to start over, which is what David Glass did with the Royals.

I am getting tired of listening to Tim Grunhard who I don't believe ever played in a Super Bowl game, but claims have all the answers to the Chiefs problems. Grunhard never played in a Super Bowl and as a coach in the NFL Europe league seldom won a game and he is not exactly tearing up East Kansas league as a coach at Bishop Miege. The one thing I don't understand is that we have two of the NFL's defensive geniuses, Gunther Cunningham and Herman Edwards, but our defense doesn't seem to get any better.


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