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Evaluate your trees

December 20, 2007

This is an exciting time of year, especially here in northeast Kansas. The ice storm covered each little twig and branch and was so pretty to look at, but very devastating at the same time. The power outages were no fun for many people. Trees that are planted under the power lines do grow, and before we know it they are fully-grown.

When we moved into our house on East Lois Street in 1951, there were three Cottonwood trees in a row right across the front yard, under the power line. To the dismay of the man who formerly owned our place, I immediately cut all three of them down because I realized what would happen in a few years. I really didn't care for the "cotton" that floated through the air either.

Older communities especially have giant trees to contend with. They are so beautiful but they need to be trimmed so that the air blows through and they do not come into contact with any overhead lines. We found out a few years back that it is expensive but necessary, and good tree trimming is a work of art. We love our trees, but they are a lot of work. It would be a good idea to take a good look at our trees during good weather, so they will not cause trouble during bad weather.

We were fortunate to not be out of power during the recent ice storm at our house but realize there are more shrubs and trees in our back yard that need trimming. When we first planted them they were only two feet tall, but now they are 18 feet tall. I did not intend to let them get so tall, because now they keep sunshine heat out of our sunroom in the winter.

How did they grow so fast when we weren't even looking?


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