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Vandals strike again at area antique store

December 20, 2007

Thieves smashed their way into a local antique store during the weekend.

Vicki and Wayne Eldridge, owners of Ma's Country Antiques, 14131 Mitchell Ct., were alerted by the security system company that protects their store early Sunday morning. According to a Leavenworth County Sheriff's report, a decorative pot on the porch of the business was thrown through the glass on the front door to gain entry into the building.

Vicki Eldridge said it is the second time it's happened this month. The break-ins are more of an inconvenience, she said, because the suspects break the door, then steal nothing more than a handful of change.

"They bust in the front door, take nickels, dimes and quarters and drop half of those on the way out," she said. "That's it. They've never touched anything else. They've never stolen anything else."

The worst part is having to repair the door, she said. Damages are estimated at $1,515. They also plan to step up security to prevent any future incidents and have even thought of having someone stand watch at the store during the early morning hours.

"We're going to do some different things to the doors so they have a harder time," she said.


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