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Photos by the second

February 1, 2007

Last Sunday we received photographs of our newest great grandchild via e-mail.

Naturally he is beautiful. I can't help but be amazed that these pictures can be sent in a matter of seconds all the way from Milwaukee. It's not as good as being there, but I know we will get constant updates of his growth.

The changes in technology the past 66 years are phenomenal to say the least. In 1940 when I was in Hazel Higley's sixth-grade class, I read a Current Event Newspaper article that told about sending pictures over a wire. And I thought to myself, how is this possible?

One of the first successful transmissions of sending a picture over a wire was in 1924. At that time there was no real need for that type of wire service, along with the fact that it was expensive to do so. It was so new that it took awhile to take hold.

After the outbreak of World War II, the need for immediate pictures became more important. The early pictures sent by wire were not really good as we know them today. Color pictures showed up around 1950, but they were not permanent and faded after a few years.

We have gone through many types of cameras over the years. I can remember the excitement of my Polaroid Land Camera 150. It had all the attachments imaginable: light meter, filters, close up attachment, time exposure, and on and on including a fancy carrying case to keep all these extras together.

Then we went through a period of slides. Now we have 24 years of the family opening Christmas presents along with birthdays, vacations, and everything else in between.

Then comes along the digital, which was really my undoing. I have had it five years and after taking nearly 20,000 pictures, I am still learning and relearning all the settings. It's been lots of fun, and I never leave home without it.

With high-resolution digital prints, it is possible to have a favorite photograph made into a mural for your living room. What will the next 66 years bring?


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