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USM coach wins $5,000 with Kansas Lottery ticket

February 1, 2007

Paul Lawson, head volleyball coach at the University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth, won $5,000 in a Kansas Lottery scratch-ticket game.

The 46-year-old coach told Lottery officials he was a little bored Friday night, so he offered to go to a convenience store to pick up a few things for his wife and some soft drinks for their children. While there, he also purchased a few scratch tickets, something he says he does "once in a blue moon."

"I scratched them off when I got back home," Lawson said. "One was a $1 Quick Crossword, where you have to find six words to win the top prize. I thought I had six words, but the ticket had 'PZU' for a validation code, which didn't mean anything to me. I wasn't sure if I'd won or not."

Lawson's wife, Stephanie, wanted to know for sure, so she took the ticket back to the store and verified that it was indeed a $5,000 winner.

"The win was very unexpected," Paul Lawson said. "My wife and I play the lottery for fun - if we win, we win; if we don't, we don't. We just take a chance. This time we won, which is great."

Lawson said he planned to use the money to pay bills. The ticket was purchased at 7-Eleven, 701 Metropolitan in Leavenworth.

Coincidentally, in November, University of Saint Mary student Sean Scott won $10,000 playing Hot Lotto on a ticket he purchased at a store in Shawnee while on Thanksgiving break.


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