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Developer-engineer seeks council seat

February 22, 2007

David Anaya wants to dispel any hint that he's running for the Ward 2 Lansing City Council seat because of his recent dispute with the city.

Anaya, an engineer who is chief of design in the Directorate of Installation Support at Fort Leavenworth, also is behind the Native Crossings housing development going in on West Gilman Road. Last month, he complained to City Council members that he was not being offered the same fee waivers that he believed has been offered to other developers. Also, Anaya had been denied permission to connect future houses to the nearby eight-inch sewer line, which meant he would have much larger expenses associated with connecting his subdivision to a sewer line.

Council members directed him to get together with the Public Works Department to see if they could sort through issues.

Within two weeks, he had filed to run for the council.

"There is a rumor floating around that I've got an ax to grind, that I'm a disgruntled contractor, that I want to get on the council so that I can muscle my way around to get my way," Anaya said. "That's completely false.

"The issues I have are something that are going to be settled with the current council," he said.

Anaya, who has lived in Lansing most of his life, said he had thought about running for some time. Consistent application of rules and regulations is what he wants to bring to the council.

"What I want to do is get on the council and make sure that whatever we do in the city of Lansing is consistent and fair to everybody. I'm not looking to get any free benefit or anything like that at all from the council. I just want to be treated fair. I think everybody deserves that right," he said.

Asked what he'd like to see the council do, and Anaya points to the need for a skate park for children.

"Right now a lot of the kids have to skate on the streets and skate on the sidewalks," he said. "Then the police come and get them and tell them to get off the public property, so they have no place to go. There's a real need for that."


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