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School lists inaugural BUG recipients

January 11, 2007

These are the Lansing Elementary School third-graders who were recognized in the inaugural Bring Up Grades program.

Third-graders were honored if they earned all A's during the second quarter, earned all A's and B's or raised their grades in three of six subjects.

The students are:

All A's

Zachary Atkins, Kali Boydston, Ben Brickson, Adam Costello, Alex Craft, Allison Edwards, Kylie Farris, Kara Fort, Melvin Gomes, Shelby Herring, Collin Ingram, Isaac Jacobs, Cooper Kesterson, Luke Lozenski, Hunter Majure, Florence Matina, Rebecca Pippin, Katie Rathjen, Stephanie Rozalski, Caitlin Starman, Meghan Tauke, Richard Totleben, Emily Wecas and Haley Wooten.

A's and B's

Thomas Barnhouse, Katie Bennett, Darian Bequette, Ashlynn Bohannon, Gabe Burgoon, Micah Cioppa, Shaed Cloke, Jordan Counts, Jonah DaSilva, Mekayla DePaolis, Dakota Dominick, Orion Fairbanks, Austin Foley, Trent Goecke, Alexander Higley, Dominic Hill, Brielle Holcomb, Mathew Holden, Jarod Huggins, Tia Jackson, Ryan Jaqua, Kelsey Jensen, Devin Karpe, Will Gauger-Kersten, Amber Ketchum, Lara Kidder, Ryan Kobulnicky, Brendan Lee, Ivana Lopez, Jared LuGrain, Mariah Mathews, Emily McLoughlin, Brittany Miller, Brooke Mortsolf, Taylor Mortsolf, Madelyn Moya, Jenna Ontiveros, Kale Pettis, Sierra Rettele, Alex Reynolds, JoLee Ritchart, Destinee Robinson, Garrett Rooker, Dylan Rothery, Alyssa Santiago, Jahzi Sawyer, Richard Schmoldt, Ashley Beth Seiber, Lucas Shaffer, Lora Gayle Strukel, Alexis Thomas-Page, Cynthia Tipton and Jonathan Zappa.

Grades raised

Kyle Bogner, Kevin Bollin, Katie Bollinger, Joshua Burnett, Courtney Callahan, Courtney Cansler, Dylan Cook, Hunter Couch, Hannah Dean, Alexa Doolin, Christian Fouquet, Jacob Herzog, Dominic Hornick, Victor Jones, Ilani Mann, Dylan McKee, Elana Osborne, Brian Orkwis, Molly Parks, Dustin Reynolds, Chris Rowan, Colton St. John, Sydni Standish, Samuel Twitchel, Eli Wangerin, Sarah Westmoreland, Kaci White and Emileigh Wilson.


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