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City Council hires attorney, tables hiring prosecutor

July 18, 2007

The city of Basehor officially has a new city attorney.

The Basehor City Council unanimously approved the appointment of Patrick Reavey of Reavey Law LLC in Kansas City, Mo., as city attorney at Monday night's city council meeting.

Basehor Mayor Chris Garcia said he and City Administrator Carl Slaugh interviewed four people for the position about two months ago and chose Reavey because of his experience with cities.

"We liked that he was an attorney for cities similar in size and multiple cities," Garcia said. "We thought that would be a good plus for us."

Reavey currently is the city attorney in De Soto, Edgerton and Gardner and also has several years experience as a city prosecutor, Garcia said.

The city attorney's role is to be a legal adviser to the governing body regarding any legal matters. He represents the city at any type of court proceedings and may also act as the prosecutor in city court.

While former city attorney John Thompson attended all council meetings, council members discussed whether it was necessary for Reavey to do the same. To save on costs, Garcia will decide when Reavey's presence is necessary and inform council members one-week prior to meetings. If questions come up on certain agenda items, those items may be tabled to allow the city attorney time to research them and give legal advice. However, Garcia said in order to avoid several tabled items, all ordinances will be sent to Reavey prior to meetings, he will review them and stamp them as reviewed to show council members the document has been looked at from a legal standpoint.

As for the city prosecutor, Garcia appointed Thompson because of information and a recommendation he received from Police Chief Terry Horner and court clerk Traci Dockery.

"I take that information from them because they're the ones that deal with it every time," Garcia said. "That ought to have some weight on who has that position."

Dockery told council members the city had gone through numerous prosecutors since she began her position with the city in 2002. The revolving door has put the system in disarray. However, she said, since Thompson took over, things have been running smoothly.

"For the first time in years everything is back on track and running the way it should work," Dockery said. "I just want you guys to understand that."

Council members unanimously tabled the appointment of city prosecutor until the Aug. 6 meeting. Garcia said council members would like the new city attorney included in that decision and he will most likely meet with Reavey to discuss his feelings on the matter.

In other action Monday night, the council:

  • Approved, 4-0, with Keith Sifford absent, proposals for the 2008 budget and set a public hearing date of Aug. 6.
  • Denied, 4-0, a proposal from Steve Miles, Miles Excavating Inc., for construction work for the Chestnut Lift Station deactivation project.
  • Approved, 4-0, change order No. 1 for the Hollingsworth Road project in the amount of $7,875.
  • Approved, 4-0, change order No. 2 for the Hollingsworth Road project in the amount of $5,119.

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