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Building a better body

July 19, 2007

As a former bodybuilder and personal trainer, Glen Hoffman knows what it takes to get in shape.

Huffman, who was overweight as a teenager, began bodybuilding in 1987 based on the recommendation of a local gym owner. He eventually placed second at an Iron Man competition in Liberty, Mo., and was second runner-up at a Mr. Kansas Competition.

After two years as a personal trainer, Huffman opened his own business - Alter Image Tanning Salon and Fitness Studio - in April where he has five tanning beds and offers one-on-one personal training.

"I give people the basics of what they should be doing," Huffman said.

He starts by determining peoples' calorie intake and measuring their body mass index.

"I'll design program workouts based on a person's physical level," Huffman said.

Huffman said the simplest tasks - like taking multivitamins and increasing water intake - are often the most important.

"It boils down to what they're doing at home and what they're eating," Huffman said. "Seventy percent of what they do is determined by diet."

"Just don't believe all the hype of the fad diets and miracle pills, because they don't work. I've been a guinea pig for just about everything out there. :You get basically what you put into it."

Huffman said the biggest mistake people can make is going on too strict of a diet. He said a dieter should never take more than 20 percent off their daily calorie intake.

"You never want to go lower than that because the body goes into starvation mode," he said. "Your body will quit making the (enzymes) it needs to burn fat."

It's cases like those where people lose 30 or 40 pounds extremely quickly but put it - or more - right back on, he said.

"Bodies are super intelligent," Huffman said. "You may fool it for a while, but it will catch up."

NAME: Glen Huffman

ADDRESS: 106 S. Main St.

OCCUPATION: Owner, Alter Image Tanning Salon and Fitness Studio

FAMILY: Dawn, wife; Brittnay, 13, daughter; Aspen, 9, son; Colton, 7, son

HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED IN THE AREA AND WHAT BROUGHT YOU HERE? "I've been in the Leavenworth area pretty much my whole life. I was born at Fort Leavenworth my father was in the Navy. : My family's been here for a couple of generations."

WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT LANSING? "You still kind of got kind of a hometown feeling instead of the big city feeling."

WHAT MIGHT SURPRISE PEOPLE ABOUT YOU? "A lot of people have the impression that people that work out are stuck on themselves, but I don't think that's true with me. I'd rather help people with their fitness needs than let them do something that's not going to help them in the long-run."

WHAT'S THE BEST ADVICE YOU'VE EVER RECEIVED? "Don't let other people tell you what you can accomplish. Anyone can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it."

WHAT CLUBS OR ORGANIZATIONS DO YOU BELONG TO? National Federation of Independent Businesses


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