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Cluttered studio? So what?

June 14, 2007

My studio is so fascinating. : Cluttered would be a better word.

It is full of the many interests I have had in my life. It has evolved from one neat and tidy room many years ago to consuming the whole basement.

There are boxes and shelves full of collections of every project I have been involved with.

Ada has suggested many times that I need to get rid of three fourths of everything down there. Our children have reminded us that "someday" they will have the job of going through all that stuff, but to no avail. They have even bought us books on how to get organized, (which have also added to the clutter).

If I hired someone to organize my studio they would throw up their hands in utter despair, so I think I better do it myself.

As a matter of getting started, I went through one box and a couple of drawers today, and found sketches of our kids when they were little, along with dozens of Saturday Evening Post Covers that date back to the 1950s and 60, newsletters and brochures of all the organizations that I have ever belonged to. It just goes on and on.

I always keep a blank canvas on my easel, and everything is laid out to start painting as soon as I get the time.

There are shelves full of "how to" art books that really come in handy.

There always seems to be another art book that I can't live without.

Last year I took a time off from painting and took classes to learn to do sculpture. Now the basement has added a whole new set of tools, including modeling clay, plaster of paris, wax, burlap, completed molds, etc., that take up a lot of space.

Do you have this problem at your house? Do you have more interests than you have space? In spite of my lack of space and full boxes of who knows what, I still love my studio.


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