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PRIDE taps June’s top yards

June 21, 2007

While Lansing residents were busy planting bulbs, pulling weeds and fertilizing their lawns this spring, members of the Lansing PRIDE Committee busied themselves as well.

The committee has announced the winners of its first yard awards of the year.

Winners from each of the city's wards were graded on overall general appearance, attractiveness and harmony of style between house and yard. The back yard and detached structures also were considered.

Grass needed to be healthy, of consistent color, weed-free, mowed and trimmed. Trees, shrubs and hedges needed to be located in an appealing manner, with space and size considered.

The use of color in flowers, vines, ornamental grasses, trees and shrubs was also considered. Color needed to be coordinated with other plants and buildings.

Landscape additions, including walls, fences, walks, seats, statues, gazebos and other items, were considered as well.

June's recipients were: Laura Worrall at 608 E. Connie St.; Samuel and Roberta Lough at 206 Olive St.; Marsha and Mike Robinson at 200 Cottonwood Drive; Nancy Jones at 111 S. Ethel Lane; and Harland and Tammy Russell at 700 Englewood St.

Verlin Tompkins of Lansing PRIDE Committee said the awards would continue throughout the summer and into the fall.

Yards recognized with the PRIDE award are given a distinctive traveling sign announcing the honor.


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