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Letter: ‘A done deal’

March 14, 2007

To the Editor:

I read with discontent the letter from Mr. Gorup about his family-owned company and planned funeral home and crematorium.

Mr. Gorup, I believe you need to do the research before you accuse my neighbors or myself in calling you a child killer and murderer. All of us who attended the planning commission meetings and the city council meetings were upset about such a facility being placed in our immediate neighborhoods and yards. We all felt that by the time we were told of the proposed zoning change it was a done deal. If you remember, even the planning commission brought up the point that surrounding subdivisions were not completed yet and that if they would have been a lot more people would have attended the meetings.

We are very upset that the view from our front room and bedroom windows is going to be a funeral home and crematorium. I can't tell you how many times I have cried myself to sleep over this. If you were really the kind, thoughtful and caring person you are trying to portray to the Basehor residents, then maybe you would have been concerned enough to talk to the people in person who signed our neighborhood Citizens Position Statement.

We are the ones this is going to affect. We are all sick about having your business next door and across the street from us. Not once did you ever approach any of us to explain or discuss what you were planning. Did you really expect us to receive you with open arms? Your handling of this matter has been nothing short of bad business. You have done nothing but create ill will with your "new neighbors."

If you feel so strongly about your desire to help Basehor residents, then perhaps you would like to buy our house and raise your family across the street from this "business." I certainly did not see you purchasing property adjacent to your "business." You don't even want to live by it.

I extend the offer, Mr. Gorup, to talk to my neighbors and us about your business and plans for the future. Then perhaps you can find out who was calling you at work. It was not me. The only facts we have are what we could get by doing research and contacting other funeral homes and crematoriums. You certainly were not interested in letting any of us know the depths of your plans.

Sheree Elliott


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