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BLHS senior loves to compete

May 9, 2007

Megan Tush got lapped. The senior, jokingly referred to as "the running girl" by locals found herself looking at the back of Baldwin's Heather Garcia during a meet earlier this year during the two mile run. Twice.

For someone who says she is known around Basehor-Linwood for her devotion to long distance running, it must have been mortifying. It was.

For Tush, however, it also illustrates what she enjoys most about the sport.

"There is such a wide variety of talent," Tush said. "(Garcia lapped me) last year, too. She is amazing. It was embarrassing to get lapped when you are supposed to be a good runner. In the next meet, though, I lapped someone. In cross country you face the same people every week. In track you face different people at every meet."

Tush competed in the javelin, one-mile run, two-mile run, and thrower's relay on Tuesday at this year's Bobcat Relays.

Thrower's relay?

"They call it the fat man's relay -- it's a joke," Tush said.

It is also the most ironic sporting event in high school. Anyone who competes in the javelin, discuss, or shotput can participate. Most are not natural sprinters.

Tush is the exception. Naturally, Tush's team has won each time she has competed.

Tush attributes her track success to natural ability. She thinks it's possible that her years in softball honed her arm for the throwing of the javelin.

The senior has seen improvements in her performance after a new approach in the weight room.

"The weights with the new strength coach Ross Schwisow have really helped me," Tush said. "He just knows what he's doing. We are getting stronger, but as we are getting stronger, we are getting faster."

Tush mentioned a drill Schwisow had been putting them through. A huge rubber band-line device is put around the waist of one athlete while another holds it. The attached athlete is then told to begin running.

"It works on your speed," Tush said. "When you take the bands off, you feel really fast."

Tush is attending MidAmerica Nazarene University in the fall on a partial cross country and softball scholarship. She currently owns the school records in the javelin and 4x800 relay.

This year she had her sites set on the two-mile.

"It's something that I am shooting for," Tush said. "If I want it, I will have to work harder. I need to increase how far I run on the weekends. I am only running three or four miles a day, now."

Tush loves to compete in front of the home crowd. The Bobcat Relays were the team's only chance to do so this season.

There are more people from school (attending)," Tush said. "A lot of people don't come out for track meets out-of-town. There is more support (at home)."

Tush believes this is the best track team she has been a part of.

"As a team we are a lot better than we have ever been," Tush said. "We all have a lot of fun together. We aren't divided as a team. Practices are a lot of fun."

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