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Marble Days a hit

Inaugural event draws hundreds of fans, raises thousands of dollars for library

May 9, 2007

The first Marble Days event was a success, organizers say. The inaugural Bonner Springs event, which spanned five hours and included old-time activities for children throughout downtown's Oak Street, drew at least a thousand people.

That was the estimate of Bryan Albers, who helped organize the event.

"We obviously dodged a bullet with the weather," Albers said. "It was awesome to see people wandering all over downtown."

The day featured different activities sponsored by Bonner Springs businesses and organizations, including hoop-and-stick races, a sack race in Centennial Park, paper airplanes, four-square and hopscotch.

There was also a marble-shooting competition and a marble-machine invention contest.

All of the events were free, save one: the "running of the pinkies," at noon.

Pinkies, comparable to racquetballs, were sold for $2 , and poured out of a loader to race down Oak Street through obstacles on the street to the finish line of hay bales blocking Front Street. The owner of the winning ball, Jeff Harrington, won a $500 savings bond. The Pinky Run served as a fundraiser for the children's collection in the new Bonner Springs Library, and Albers estimated about $2,000 was raised.

Lynda Sproules, co-owner of Moon Marble and another organizer of Marble Days, said the Pinky Run was the most popular event Saturday.

"It was great, just kind of silly and goofy," Sproules said.

Of the entire day, Sproules said, "I think it was a big success. Everybody who came seemed to have a nice experience and enjoy it thoroughly."

It was such a success, in fact, that Sproules said she and her employees at Moon Marble were kept so busy the entire day that she couldn't let any go to see the events.

For next year, she said, organizers would probably increase the number of events and activities, and "streamline" them.

Marble Days contest

Here are the winners of the Marble Days events and their prizes:

Marble Shoot

First place: Tim McCormick, Shawnee, $50 savings bond, handmade shooter marble

Second: Elise Kreikeimer, Lincoln, Neb., Tube 'o' Marble

Third: Alec Kreikeimer -- Lincoln, Neb., Tube 'o' Marble

Pinky Run

First place: Jeff Harrington, Bonner Springs, $500 savings bond and a handmade shooter marble

Second: Cari Lynn, Bonner Springs, Bonner Springs merchants gift basket

Marble Machine, Toy and Game Inventions

First place, Kids marble invention: Alec Kreikeimer, Lincoln, Neb., $25 Moon Marble gift certificate

First place, Kids marble game: Abigail Schif and Madison Stambrough, Bonner Springs, $25 Moon Marble gift certificate

First place, Adult marble machine: Larry Jeffries, Bonner Springs, $25 Moon Marble gift certificate

Second place, Adult marble machine: Jeff Harrington, Bonner Springs

Guess the Marbles in the Jar:

Trent N., Holt Mo., won a Bonner Springs merchants gift basket for guessing 2,826 marbles, the closest guess submitted for the actual number of 2,751.

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