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Tear Soup’ relates tale worth sharing

November 1, 2007

At a recent Kiwanis meeting, we were introduced to a book that I thought was special enough to purchase and share with everyone in town by placing it in our library. It is for old folks as well as young folks and is something that touches everyone at one time or another in their lives.

The title is "Tear Soup, A Recipe For Healing After Loss." The authors are Pat Schwiebert and Chuck DeKlyen and the great illustrations by Taylor Bills.

I read this book, and everything in it makes so much sense. I feel it would be a terrific benefit to anyone who has had a loss of anything or anyone important in his or her life. As well as death, it could include loss of a job, a move, divorce, a pet or a change in health. It could also include a change in finances that would affect our lifestyle.

The story involves an old and somewhat wise woman named Grandy, who has lost a child. This book covers grief and describes how differently it affects each person. It gives one an insight into how people really feel during a loss and how they respond to others who are sympathetic.

I will not go into the story as I want you to read it yourself. But I will tell you some of the quotes from the book:

"Grief work takes time, much longer than anyone wants it to."

"Be there for a friend, even when you don't understand".

"Be a source of comfort by listening, laughing, and crying".

Grief Watch, Portland, Ore., published this book. It is highly recommended for families, classroom settings or support groups. It is in DVD and book form and can be purchased through the Web site


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