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Graham Hill is history

November 21, 2007

I have been watching with great interest all the changes that have been made on what we remembered as "Graham Hill."

There are so many memories when we think about the houses and all the people we knew that lived there over the years. The little house on the very top of the hill was the home of Frank Graham's parents and even before that his grandparents. His grandfather John Rowe was in the Civil War and settled at the bottom of that hill after he got out of the service.

Frank was the first superintendent of the Lansing School District, and before that he was a drama, history and constitution teacher at Lansing High.

I'm sure you all are familiar with Frank Graham Field, where we go to watch the football games and track meets. He and his family lived in that little house for many years.

Then we remember our first-grade teacher, Maude Keirns, who lived on West Kay. On down the street was Burr Mosier and his family. Burr had raised fruit and had a delivery service. He delivered stones to our house to help rebuild our foundation.

Over on West Lois Street lived the Harry Shaver family. Harry was custodian at Lansing Grade School a number of years and raised four children in the house that later became the Bailiff home.

Farther up the hill lived Walt and Pauline Linaweaver and their young son Arnold, who still lives in town. Walt used to clean out his stock truck and line it with bales of straw and took a group of us kids on a yearly basis to the American Royal. What a treat that was.

On the north side of West Lois lived Bill and Helen Johnson and their three girls. In the '30s Clarence Ball lived in that house, and I got one of their puppies that I named Queenie.

West Lois was a great place to go sleigh riding in the winter.

Then Mary Ann Shaver Riedinger's house was next to Stonebrakers. By the tracks was a brand new house built by our dentist, Dr. Kenneth Kindred.

Along the highway were the Monderos, Kitters, Zinsers and Heslops.

There are so many other families that have come and gone in that neighborhood. Now only the memories linger on but the land will have new uses and is history in the making.


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