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Scholars bowl team ready for test

November 29, 2007

It's been a season of ups and downs for the Lansing High School scholar bowl team, but this weekend, team members are hoping for another success to add to their collection.

The team came out strong in early October against Bonner Springs and Spring Hill, but those results have since faded.

Scholar bowl coach and LHS English teacher Ginny Scott said she and the team were looking forward to a come back this Saturday, Dec. 1, at the 2007-08 Quest academic competition at Washburn University in Topeka. Scott estimated more than 100 schools across Kansas would take part in the contest giving the Lansing team its biggest challenge this year.

The procedure for the Quest contest is different than most tournaments, in that students will not compete face to face. Scott said each school would be in separate rooms answering the same questions read to them by a moderator. The top 16 schools with the most points in the end would return to the finals round that would be televised from February through May 2008 on Public Television station KTWU.

Five members of the Lansing team will compete in the Quest contest. Scott, who has been the scholar bowl team coach at LHS for 25 years, said the team was extremely promising.

"We have a couple of seniors who are truly gifted in the sport," she said, referring to Eric Hansen and Josh Kranhold.

In addition to the senior veterans, Scott said the other members have also shown great talent so far in tournaments and at the team's weekly study sessions. Scott said her team was self motivated and worked hard preparing for each tournament.

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, the team meets for study sessions where the students sit in a circle and race to answers questions first as Scott asks them. Other teachers from LHS are also often brought in to brush up the students.

For many students it's the competition factor that keeps them going, but Scott said it also gives students a venue to show off their talents. In the classroom, Scott said many times students feel like they have to downplay their academic successes for their peers rather than show it off like many athletes do for their athletic successes. Scott said the academically talented students also deserve recognition for the hard work they put in.

For Hansen, 17, trivia games have always been an interest of his. From being involved with the Idea Program at Lansing Middle School to watching "Jeopardy" on television everyday to joining the LHS scholar bowl team as a freshman, Hansen, said it was just a fun activity to do.

"I like just the challenge of figuring out answers and seeing if I paid attention well in class," Hansen said.

Kranhold, 17, the other senior of the team headed to the Quest contest, said his favorite part of being on the team was interacting with students from other schools during tournaments. He said it was fun to crack jokes with them and then be on good terms when they see them at the next tournament.

Kranhold also has been always been a fan of "Jeopardy" He said he used to watch the game with his mother to see who would win, adding, with a laugh, that he always won.

In the coming weeks the team will compete in a computer-based Knowledge Master Open tournament against students from around the world as well as tournaments at Mill Valley and Turner.


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