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Solving problems

November 29, 2007

Have you driven by our new school on West Mary Street lately? I mean, have you driven very slowly and taken a good look at what's there? It is fantastic.

This is the end result of dreams, ideas, many meetings of educators and interested residents in every walk of life. Some of the problems were with traffic and helping parents deliver and pick up their children when they are in different schools. Another problem was separating the lower grades from the high school, and putting the lower grades on the west side of the highway solved that.

The next problem was going from the Middle School to the new Elementary, which is divided by Seven-Mile Creek. Therefore, a new bridge and a new street was the answer and it's being built right now. This involved more meetings between the city and the School Board.

Everything that happens involves meetings, meetings, meetings. Most of us are not involved with going to meetings or making tough decisions, but unfortunately, somebody has got to do it or nothing would get done. When I see the new construction in town, either on our highways or schools or new businesses, I think of the number of people who have a good job. I sort of miss the orange markers along Highway 73, don't you? We knew that eventually they would be gone and we would have a good highway going through Lansing, and it is easy to forget the problems we had during construction.

We do not think about the number of problems that had to be solved before any of our changes could take place. My hat is off to the city, School Board, construction companies, planners, architects and on and on who made all of this possible.


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