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Post Office starts relocation process

October 4, 2007

The process has begun to move the Lansing Post Office to a new location, but that means very little considering the lengthy course ahead that will include approval on several different levels.

David Rauh, Leavenworth/Lansing postmaster, said it is clear that the Lansing Post Office's current location at 617 Holiday Plaza is an inadequate facility, but he added that nothing has been decided yet regarding a new location.

Rauh said he's been trying to get a new facility for the office, but the request must go through an extensive process and eventually be approved by the national headquarters. He said he could not give a timeline on the project because there is no saying how long or if the request would even make it to the final stages of approval.

If all goes as planned, Rauh said he hoped the office eventually would be moved to a facility that would deal with the current overcrowding issue. In addition, he said mail routes in Lansing also needed to be increased.

"We're trying to keep up with the growth of the future of Lansing," Rauh said.

Despite the fact that no decisions have been made about the move, Rauh said he's already received several calls from the City of Lansing and developers interested in helping with the opening of a new location.

For now, Rauh said he is just keeping his fingers crossed and doing what he can to improve the operations of the Lansing Post Office to better serve customers.


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