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Rain puts big damper on city’s fall festival

October 18, 2007

It was such a disappointment last Saturday morning. After listening to a night of thunder boomers and pouring down rain, the wonderful "Autumn in the Grove" had to be canceled. After the city staff inspected the property, they decided for the sake of safety it was best to not go on with the planned activities in Kelly Grove.

Few people know about the number of hours of planning, the meetings that started last spring, and the work of the city to get the area prepared. They cut pathways and cleared areas for the music and food vendors, plus carving out old logs for seating around what would be a big bonfire. Not to mention the carloads of produce, food, etc., that could not be used. Our van as of this writing is still loaded with paintings, blackboards and chalk to encourage would-be artists, plus painting demonstration supplies.

Last year the weather was so perfect that we all had great expectations that it would be the same this year. Mother Nature had other ideas, and three or four inches of wet stuff in a low area made it impossible. Wouldn't you know by 5 p.m. the day was beautiful and the sun came out. But too late!

I'm sure the city will plan it again next year and possibly an alternative location in case this happens again. Either way, the grove is a beautiful place and can be used for walks and picnics all year long. The atmosphere there is fantastic, and anywhere else for this event just would not be the same. I guess it's just something we have to live with and dream about a bigger and better Autumn In The Grove for next year.

We missed out on good food, good music and lots of fun.


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