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Basehor-Linwood notches pair of victories

Bobcats win two games

September 12, 2007

Four goals in the first 15 minutes of the game helped Basehor-Linwood put away St. Joseph Benton on Monday in Basehor.
The Bobcats added two more goals in the second period to win another blowout, 6-0.
Stephen Millison, Ryan Sirridge and Tanner Bowers all scored a pair of goals.
"I think we played well," BLHS senior Sam Seaman said. "We let up there at the end and they finally got a little heart. But we basically controlled them the whole time, and that is what we want to do."
Matt Murrell had five saves in the game.
St. Joseph Benton only had three legitimate scoring chances.
"It was just another solid defensive effort," coach Kevin Vincent said. "We have some quickness back there, so even if they get behind us, we are able to hunt them down. Matt is a leader back there and directs things.
"I can't say enough about the defense. They have been playing together for a couple years, so they can anticipate each others' moves. It is really fun to watch."
The Bobcats have allowed only three goals all season.
The game began an hour and a half before its scheduled time because St. Joseph-Benton didn't field a full junior varsity squad. It wouldn't matter, because most JV players would see extensive action in the game.
Basehor-Linwood's offense did most of its damage early. After the four quick first half goals, the pace of the game slowed. With 12 minutes left in the game, and the score 6-0, Vincent inserted his JV squad.
The weather played a factor. Vincent said his team was fortunate in that it received a strong tail-wind in the first half. The sky was overcast and rain drizzled periodically. Seaman said the team plays more cautiously in inclement weather and tries to play the ball close to the ground.
The senior said this season has exceeded even his steep expectations thus far.
"We have actually done surprisingly well," Seaman said. "I didn't think we would do this well. I knew we would be good this year, because we worked out all summer. We all love soccer, and we have all been playing together for awhile and that motivation keeps us going."
Stephen Millison continued his amazing start to the season with a pair of goals.
"Stephen Millison has met expectations," Vincent said. "He has become an on field leader. He is showing people he is a great player."
Vincent has also been impressed with Symon Seaton, an outside midfielder and the team's only freshmen starter.
"He has really been a steady player out there," Vincent said. "He plays tenacious defense. He plays far beyond his years. He is fearless and doesn't back down from anybody."
Basehor defeats Lansing
Basehor-Linwood defeated Lansing, 4-3 earlier inthe week
Kyle Sirridge scored the game-winning goal late in the second period.
The Bobcats won the game in spite of attempting fewer shots on goal during the game.

The Basehor-Linwood is off to a strong start in soccer this season.
The following is a look at the statistics behind the record before Tuesday's game against Bishop Ward.

Basehor-Linwood soccer statistics
Tanner Bowers 4
Kyle Allen 4
Justin Gripka 3
Sam Seaman 3
Ryan Sirridge 3
Cory Stevens 1
Stephen Millison 1
Nick Stevens 1
Matt Murrell 1
Devin Ridder 1
Totals 22

Stephen Millison 19
Tanner Bowers 14
Justin Gripka 13
Ryan Sirridge 10
Sam Seaman 8
Symon Seaton 7
Nick Stevens 5
Kyle Allen 4
Jonas Box 4
Mitch Mallon 2
Block shot
Matt Murrell 33
Sam Seaman 165
Mitch Mallon 111
Alex Ziegler 77
Jonas Box 67
Matt Murrell 48
Justin Gripka 42
Tanner Bowers 32
Symon Seaton 23
Ian White 23
Kyle Allen 19
Ryan Sirridge 18
Stephen Millison 15
Nathan Smith 14
Mitchell Kincaid 9
Nick Stevens 9
Devin Ridder 2
Beau Himepl 2
Cory Stevens 1
Destry Bryan 1

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