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Board selects new member

September 13, 2007

Of the five applicants vying for the recently vacated school board seat, Robert Nye was chosen Monday night for what board members said was his dedication and unique perspective.

Four of the five candidates were present at Monday's meeting to be interviewed by existing board members to fill the position that was left open after Robert Nicholas announced his resignation last month.

The four applicants present -Joseph Walden, Brian Duncan, Catherine Grote and Nye - were asked questions regarding what qualities they had that would make them a good board member, what issues they think Lansing schools will face in the coming years and what involvement they've had over the years in the district.

In his answers, Nye made it clear his bottom line was all about giving back to the children of the community. He said he wanted to be a part in maintaining Lansing schools' high quality of excellence.

As the father of a daughter in the ninth grade and a son in the seventh grade, Nye said it was time for him to step up and become more active. He said in the past, he has had little involvement with the school because his focus has been on his job at the Lansing Post Office. He said this was to be able to provide for his family and allow his wife to stay home with the children and so she could be active in the school.

In discussing the candidates after the interview, board member Beth Stevenson said she admired the sacrifices Nye had made in his life and respected the fact that, even though he may not have had the opportunity to be as involved as he would have liked, he still structured his life in a way that someone in the family was.

The board approved Nye on a 4-2 vote, with Richard O'Donnell and Gary Courtney opposed. Nye will be sworn in during the coming week and join the board at the Oct. 8 meeting.

Board President Shelly Gowdy said the number of applicants for the board vacancy was about the same as past openings. She added that Lansing was lucky to have a community where so many residents wanted to be involved in the school system.


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