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Finley: Kansas City’s professional franchises are going different directions

September 19, 2007

Awhile back I stated in my column prior to the start of the Major League Baseball season that I wasn't going to bash the Royals, but I didn't say anything about letting the Kansas City Chiefs off the hook.
With regards to the Royals, in my opinion, it wasn't too bad a season. I listen to many games on the radio. The Royals made my day on Sunday by defeating Cleveland 4-3.
General Manager Dayton Moore has done a fine job in rebuilding the Kansas City Royals baseball club. He fulfilled one promise to fortify the pitching staff. Gil Meche, the Royals million dollar pitcher had a commendable season. In 8 of Meche's loses the Royals offered little run support.
A Royals young pitcher, Brian Bannister, had a real good season and added youth to the staff. Joakim Soria and Jimmy Gobble did a fine job coming out of the bullpen in late innings. Another young player, Brandon Buckner, earned a win in his first big league game.
Now, what do the Royals do with Mike Sweeney who has a history of injuries. The last rumors I heard, the Royals might keep Sweeney for a minimal salary.
Alex Gordon and Billy Butler have proven they are Major League caliber players. I would like to reiterate the fact the Kansas City is very fortunate to have a major league baseball franchise and also a National Football league franchise. There are 30 cities that have Major League Baseball and we can all well remember the sad day when Charlie Finley moved the A's to California. Professional sports are good for a city and Kansas City is blessed with two franchises.
I am optimistic that Moore will continue to give Kansas City a competitive team. I am getting anxious to see the improvements they are going to make at Kaufman and Arrowhead stadiums. I am very happy I got to see the Royals facility in Surprise, Ariz..
Now, let's talk a little football. Not that the NFL didn't have enough problems, but the New England Patriots made headlines on the sports page with their cheating by filming the opponents sideline where a coach gives signals. The NFL commissioner fined the New England Patriots coach $500,000, and the team another $250,000, but what kind of a penalty is this? In my opinion, the Patriots should have had to forfeit those games. Why does an organization like the New England Patriots have to cheat with all their success? Maybe cheating was one of the reasons for all their success in the Super Bowl.
Let's also look a the Chiefs. Coach Herm Edwards was right when he said if you score 24 points you can win some games.
My concern is if the Chiefs can win a game with their dismal offense. Sure, Dwayne Bowe, the Chief's No. 1 draft pick is off to a good season, but I question if his acquisition would be as beneficial as an offensive tackle. It's hard to understand how a wide receiver could take away the ball from a tight end both being within a few feet from each other.
I expect Edwards to work overtime with the Chiefs special teams.
I would like to see Clark Hunt getting more involved with the Kansas City Chiefs team.
I can't fault Carl Peterson for the way the Chiefs are playing, but I think a little criticism should go the coaching staff.
Hopefully Larry Johnson will make it through the season with all the pounding he will take. It's no secret that the Chief's opponents will be putting 8 or 9 defensive players in the block. A message to all you Raider haters, don't be too quick to put them in the losing column. They gave the Bronco's all they could handle with Jason Elam kicking the winning field goal in overtime. In fact looking through the schedule I am begin to wonder who they can beat. I still consider myself a diehard Chiefs fan, but it is getting tougher and tougher.

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