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Councilman questions zoning board’s variance

September 27, 2007

The Lansing City Council discussed a Board of Zoning Appeals decision and contracted a local law firm to implement the city ordinance code in a city council meeting Thursday, Sept. 20.

Councilmember Kenneth Ketchum questioned a Board of Zoning Appeals' decision to issue a variance for a property in the Clear Creek Mobile Home Park at Main and Ida streets that was recently purchased with a shed attached.

The shed, BZA member Mike Howell said, was "bigger than what meets city code," but since the city was not notified of it until the property changed hands, a variance was considered instead of issuing a building permit retroactively.

The allegation impeding the variance was that the shed did not meet the city code for wind load, Howell said, so the BZA requested the landowner provide engineering proof that it was up to code, which he did.

Ketchum said his objection to the variance was that it seemed like a double standard, but Public Works Director John Young told him that, under ordinary circumstances, "if someone wants to put up a structure, they must first get a building permit from the Board of Zoning Appeals."

The council also voted, 7-0 (councilmember David Trinkle Jr. was absent), to contract with Catalina Thompson and Greg Robinson LLC of Lansing to implement the city's ordinance code at a cost of $8,000.

"(They'll) review all ordinances to make sure there's no duplicates : and to simplify if we can," Mayor Kenneth Bernard said.

In other business, the council:

¢ Heard councilmember Janette Holdeman commemorate Elizabeth Gregory, Lansing, who passed away Saturday, Sept. 8.

"She was a pioneer," Holdeman said. "I believe she was the first woman on the council. I think she blazed the trail for other women that followed, and I'd like to recognize her."


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