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Exercising the right side of the brain

September 27, 2007

In 1954 when I first began to paint in oil there were not many stores that handled art supplies. There was one store on Minnesota Avenue in Kansas City, Kan., called Leinbach's, where I would go in to buy paint for signs and spent most of my time looking at all the how-to art books. One of the owners convinced me I should buy a set of oils in a beautiful wooden box, and told me once I started to paint, it would stay with me the rest of my life. He was so right.

Back then art supply stores were few and far between. It is so different now. There are arts and craft stores everywhere with a tremendous abundance of every kind of supply imaginable. Why the change?

I have an idea about this. It started when schools encouraged printing as opposed to writing in cursive. According to graphology, printing is a strong artistic trait. Therefore, it stands to reason that all of these students, without even thinking about it, are exercising the right side of their brain, the artistic side.

At one time in Lansing, on the corner of East Kay and Main Street, Wanda Dugger built a small building right south of their filling station. She named it "Browsers Corner" and used it to sell artwork on consignment, along with ceramics that she created.

This was before the four-lane highway came through and everything on that side of the street was taken. As far as I can remember, she sold the business to an Army officer's wife and she moved the business to Leavenworth.

People are so creative now. All these wonderful stores include supplies for quilting as well as scrapbooks, floral decorations, jewelry, and every type of art form. The list goes on and on.

The next time you go to one of these stores, remember it was not always this way. Are we creating more "right brained" artistic people?


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