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Attorney general to play stand-in at governor’s hunt

April 2, 2008

— Gov. Kathleen Sebelius will be watching birdies instead of shooting turkeys. And that's ruffled the feathers of the Kansas Republican Party.

Sebelius' office said Tuesday that the governor would not participate in the 22nd annual Governor's One-Shot Turkey Hunt set for April 11-12 in El Dorado.

Instead, she will be in Augusta, Ga., for the Masters golf tournament.

Attorney General Stephen Six will take her place at the turkey hunt.

"General Six is an experienced hunter and avid outdoorsman, so I am sure he'll bag a good-sized bird this year," Sebelius said. "I wish my fellow hunters good luck and happy hunting."

Sebelius has participated in the hunt each year she has been governor. This time, however, she received tickets to the Masters from the Democratic Governors Association in appreciation for her year as chairwoman, according to Sebelius' spokeswoman Nicole Corcoran.

Christian Morgan, executive director of the Kansas Republican Party, criticized Sebelius, a Democrat, for going to the golf tournament.

"Good God, every opportunity she gets to leave Kansas, she takes. This is starting to get ridiculous," Morgan said.

Asked if she cared to respond to the criticism, Corcoran said: "I would not even begin to dignify that nonsense with a response."

The turkey hunt was established in 1987 by then-Gov. Mike Hayden as a celebration of Kansas' hunting heritage.


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