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Warmer days ahed

April 16, 2008

It was not the most welcome sight: Snow flurries dancing outside the window on Saturday. On Saturday, April 12, that is.

Mother Nature is fond of playing tricks on us, and the extended cold - punctuated by the brief flurries Saturday, was just another example.

But today, as we look out the window, we see signs of spring: grass turning green, trees budding, daffodils flowering.

With those signs, we see the promise of the cold leaving for an extended period and - finally - warmer days ahead.

Folks in Kansas like to say if you don't like the weather, stick around for a few minutes and it will change. We're sticking around, waiting, and hoping for a change to mild 60- and 70-degree days of spring.

Once the thermometer rises into the 90s and higher, and humid weather sets in, we might change our tune. But for now, bring on the warmth.


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