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Boxes, boxes, boxes

April 17, 2008

If spring ever arrives to stay, we are anxious to get started on putting out flowers and doing some serious type yard work.

Last week we had clean up days in Lansing and I finally managed to get rid of some boxes. I have a love of boxes and have been threatened by my better half many times to get rid of those boxes. Finally I decided to cut them up and flatten them out. There were dates on some of them that went back nearly 50 years. Ada said it is unlikely we will send back that vacuum cleaner in the box it came in, especially since we no longer have the vacuum cleaner. By the time I got through to what I thought was the last one, the van was full from floor to ceiling and we made that wonderful trip to the recycle center.

We learned all kinds of things at our recycle center, and since it is so close there is no excuse to not make a trip out there once in a while. They have containers for clear glass, brown glass, green glass, plastic water bottles, aluminum cans, tin cans and all sorts of things. Most of these items I have had stored in my precious boxes that I no longer have.

I have managed to make more room in the garage and have found things I forgot I had. Guess what: Back in the corner I found more boxes and we can't wait to make another trip to our recycle center on Gilman Road.

It promises to be another busy and wonderful summer. There are all sorts of things going on. Lansing Daze is May 3 and almost here. Make plans to visit everything starting with the best pancake breakfast in town put on by the Kiwanis Club. There is a quilt show, art show, Barbeque cook off, vendors of all sorts and many things for children of all ages to enjoy. This will end with our wonderful fireworks after dark, so come out and enjoy.


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