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Temporary repairs complete on Basehor sewer main

April 22, 2008

Basehor's primary sewer force main has been temporarily repaired.

The city Public Works crew was out at the site of the city's main lift station, 20005 163rd St., just before 7 a.m. Monday after noticing a lack of sewage flow in the ultraviolet disinfection system at the wastewater treatment plant just west of the city.

"We immediately came here and noticed that we had sewage coming up from the concrete structure," City Superintendent Gene Myracle said about the lift station Monday afternoon.

Workers discovered the 12-inch force main, which carries sewage from the entire city to the wastewater treatment plant, had cracked leaking sewage into nearby Hog Creek. Power to the entire site, including the backup generator, was cut, stopping the leak around 7 a.m. and allowing workers to begin excavating. Myracle suspects the main broke sometime Sunday evening.

The site consists of the lift station, which houses two underground pumps, a generator, transfer station and odor control, all resting on a large 12-inch thick concrete slab. Excavating began just south of the slab the suspected place of the main break. However, Myracle said they later found the crack in the pipe actually began underneath the concrete slab.

Thompson Pump brought in a temporary pump and attached a temporary discharge line to the broken main to allow the station to continue functioning while repairs are made. Myracle said the lift station equipment will have to be moved and about three quarters of the concrete slab will have to be removed in order to make repairs before it is replaced. Preliminary repairs will probably take three to four days, while the timeline for complete repair as well as cost is unknown, Myracle said. City officials are currently looking into the cause of the main break.

The amount of sewage that leaked into Hog Creek is also unknown and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks issued a stream advisory, but Myracle said a representative of KDHE in Lawrence told him that water samples taken along Hog Creek and Stranger Creek revealed that dissolved oxygen and pH levels were within limits. More test results should be available Tuesday.

While Basehor Public Works considered the incident a worst-case scenario, residents should not be alarmed.

"This will not affect any residents whatsoever," Myracle said.


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