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Dinner offers good company

August 7, 2008

The annual spaghetti dinner always creates a stir of excitement this time of year. It is an endeavor of seniors who are, as we all know, the crown jewels in this crown we call our community. At the last community band concert they were out in full force, announcing the upcoming dinner: Aug. 8 at the First Christian Church on Nettleton.

It's a project in which "seniors help seniors;" meaning proceeds from the event go to two scholarships for graduating high school seniors. It is an "all you can eat" kind of affair, with spaghetti, salad and desserts all for $5. I go for the spaghetti and stay for the dessert.

This project has been going on for 18 years and except for one unfortunate year, the seniors have never missed a beat.

It was probably a good thing that they missed that one year. It scared the heck out of us all. They just up and announced that year that the pans were too heavy too lift so they just couldn't do it anymore. It was like someone stuck us in the proverbial rump with a hot poker. It was then perhaps that we learned what it would be like to lose the grace of our traditions in this community.

Our traditions, like those who uphold them, really are the crown jewels of this community. It is seniors supporting seniors; and juniors supporting seniors; and freshmen supporting juniors; on down the line to our very beginnings. You are all in some class - beginning, middle or end, a circle in a never-ending loop.

"We are only as strong as our most fragile link," someone once wrote in a book of mine.

So there we were at the last community band concert of the season before Tiblow Days - that infamous family reunion for this community in which we celebrate our heritage with art festivals, barbeque contests, parades and floats - and the seniors had their table smack dab in the middle of the walk way, announcing the annual spaghetti dinner and daring walkers to pass by without buying a $5 ticket.

Trust me; if you want to attend, buy a ticket or get to the church early and get in line. You'll be in good company; actually the best kind of company in my opinion. You will go to eat but you will come away filled with the spirit of community.

You will be swept into one of the finer traditions of this community from which you will, if you let yourself, be embraced in other fine traditions and new beginnings in the life of this community. See you there!


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